Neuro Surgery

Neurology Specialist

neurology specialist

Our Department of Neuro Surgery is equipped with facilities at par with the best brain specialist doctors. The most modern technology and equipment is provided to cover the entire range of neurological diseases. Trans-sphenoidal surgery for pituitary tumor, spinal fusions for congenital and traumatic (CT scan & MRI for locating the target for functional neurosurgery) and intra-operative monitoring for different kinds of surgery are all being done on a routine basis.

The department consists of Senior Consultant Neurosurgeons, each with their own associate consultants. There are dedicated neuroanaesthesiologists to run the anaesthesia services. Operating theatres with nursing staff and a dedicated neurosurgical intensive care unit. Intra-operative electro physiological monitoring for spinal surgery, functional surgery and posterior fossa surgery is being carried out by an expert specially trained for intra-operative monitoring. We have experienced brain specialist in our hospital.

Our modern Intensive Care Units are equipped with the latest Modular invasive monitoring system (HP) and advanced life support equipment capable of managing complicated neurosurgical and neurological patients effectively. The brain specialist doctor ratio is one to one. All associated specialists like respiratory physicians, nephrologists and endocrinologists are available round the clock.